What is SAFFFE?

Save American Family Farms From Extinction

“SAFFFE is a grassroots initiative for people who are
passionate about the future of local family farms.
Just a little of your time will make a difference!!”
-Teena Borek, TeenasPride CSA


The purpose of the SAFFFE Corporation is to serve as a grassroots effort to help
Save American Family Farms From Extinction:

To protect the local rural family farms and the farm workers;
To preserve their heritage, culture, values, stewardship and sustainability in Miami-Dade County, South Florida and America;
To inform and empower multi cultural youth, families, intergenerational, and at risk populations through family farm education, job training, culinary arts, food safety and security, health and wellness for community, economic development and promotion of local sustainable agriculture!

SAFFFE’ s Mission


1. Persuade grocery stores to buy local sustainably grown produce, thus giving families Safe Local nutritious vegetables.
2. Allow family farms the opportunity to sell their crops for a profit so they can continue to supply our country with its own food source.
3. Provide Children’s Programs so our children will understand what food is, how it is grown using different farming techniques and, perhaps most important, that they themselves can choose to make good food for their own bodies.


There is great power when people join together for a worthwhile cause!Mexican Tomatoes take the future from our future farmers.

For example, unfair US trade agreements encourage stores to buy most of their produce from foreign countries. They pay cheap prices below US farmer’s growing costs leaving local farms unable to pay their farm workers or their bills.

Last year our Dade County tomato growers left 70% of their crops in the field because local stores were getting the tomatoes from Mexico at a cheaper price than the .40 cents per pound the Local farmer needed to break even! Grocers could have purchased from local farmers and still earned a substantial profit.

This local steady income could save the family farm, help give our local farm worker families more opportunity, and supply you, the consumer, with a much safer, healthier, nutritious and tastier tomato!




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S. A. F. F. F. E.

Save American Family Farms From Extinction

Protecting the future of our ‘Redland Raised’ Homestead family farms, the Winter Bread Basket of the US, also protects the future of our nation’s security. It is a historic fact that the supplier of a country’s food source also controls the peoples survival of that country.

The US citizens must not be dependent on foreign supplied produce!




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