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Pledging… What does it mean?

Pledging to SAFFFE is simple, it takes just a moment of your time, and a spot in your mind! Saving the American Family Farmer is easy, the next time you are at your regular grocery store, ask if they stock any Farm Fresh, Florida produce. When they receive requests, they know you really want Local Produce! The difference is up to you, the customer! When you go home, go to SAFFFE website, click on your stores corporate address, email and insist they buy from local farmers during harvest season! 

Click through this slideshow to see other ways that YOU can make a difference!

  • Dade County Farm Bureau Dade County Farm Bureau Check out your Local Farm Bureau for what's being harvested.
  • The River Seafood & Oyster Bar The River Seafood & Oyster Bar Support Chefs who purchase from and support Local Farms.
  • New Times Restaurant Blog New Times Restaurant Blog Find Restaurant Blogs that tout 'Think Global Buy Local'
  • TeenasPride CSA TeenasPride CSA Seek out farms who have CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs, buy straight from the farmer to your table!
  • Miami-Dade Agricultural Manager Miami-Dade Agricultural Manager Work with your local government agriculture department to promote locally grown produce... Savor The Flavor! No matter how you slice it, nothing beats Redland Raised produce grown in Miami-Dade County.
  • Slow Food Miami Slow Food Miami Follow National and Local Non-Profit Organizations that promote local farming.
  • Redland Rambles Redland Rambles Search for local Blog sites to learn about what's in season.
  • Les Dames d'Escoffier Miami Les Dames d'Escoffier Miami Seek out Green Table Initiative Organizations
  • All Locally Grown Produce All Locally Grown Produce Attend Farmer’s Markets that provide the opportunity to buy fresh local produce, offer farm tours and promote family activities.
  • Your Own Local Grocery Store! Your Own Local Grocery Store! Look for the "Fresh Local Produce" signs in your grocery store. Tell your family and friends which stores are carrying local produce.
  • Community News Community News Check out your Community News Papers for stories about your local farmers and produce.
  • 305 Fit 305 Fit Follow local hospital wellness magazines to learn benefits of eating locally grown produce.

I pledge to buy locally grown produce and ask grocery stores to stock our farmer’s fresh local produce during harvest season.
I know this pledge will not only help our family farms but also help support our local farm worker families and help provide more safe nutritious food to our local families.
I will use social media to spread the word to everyone.

Take the Pledge

Thank you for pledging your support to SAFFFE. Please spread the word!

Make the SAFFFE Pledge

When you go to your grocery store:
•Buy Locally Grown Produce
•Use Social Media to encourage your friends-and their friends- to buy local and promote stores that carry local family farm crops.

If you find foreign produce being sold during local family farms’ harvest season:
•Go to Customer Service and submit a written request for the store to stock our farmer’s fresh local produce during harvest season. Email the stores corporate office to request local produce be stocked immediately.
•Use Social Media to tell your friends-and their friends-to contact the store’s corporate office and request our farmers fresh local produce be stocked during harvest season!

Please take the time to act. People actively united in this cause can make the corporate world buy for their customers health and food safety — not just for their company profit margin.

Press the Pledge button and share the important message with your family, friends, co-workers, and social media contacts!


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The American Farmer Thanks You For Your Pledge To S.A.F.F.F.E. Please Spread the word via Social Media and Ask your grocery store to carry Locally Grown Produce!

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