Kitchen to Farm:

A Chef Field Trip to Homestead

Posted on January 25, 2013 – Located HERE ©The Genuine Kitchen

The morning started like any field trip I’d ever been on, except that a few of our cars sat waiting in place of a school bus, and instead of a late student holding up the rest of my class, it was a chef stuck in traffic. But that electricity was there, the groggy, early morning low hum of excitement. Read More

Farm Share Provides Fresh Produce


Farm Share Provides Fresh Produce for Florida’s Hungry Families

Farm Share continues to be a major player in helping to ensure that all Floridians, no matter what their income, have access to fresh and nutritious food.

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Farmers Making a Difference and Helping the Community

 Eight farms devoted to their crops and their communities

By Louise McCready  ©Epicurious (source)

Click Here to "Meet" The Farmers!

Click Here to “Meet” The Farmers!

As public awareness of food origin, safety, sustainability, and nutrition grows, farmers’ job descriptions are being transformed. An increasing number of today’s farmers are no longer content to remain in the background as anonymous food producers. Rather, these modern-day soil soldiers crusade to keep the earth and its people healthy and thriving. Read More

Farm Share Prepares for 2013 Legislative Session

A Great Message from our friends at Farm Share!

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FARM SHARE NEWS   January 17, 2013
Farm Share Issue No.

Farm Share Prepares for 2013 Legislative Session 


Patricia Robbins, Founder and CEO, made a presentation to the Miami-Dade Delegation on Jan. 10 to request their continued support of the Farm Share program.  The following letter was submitted for the record:

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Homestead Farmers are now Harvesting!

It’s that time of year again, and your local Homestead Farms are ready to keep fresh produce on your table!

Homestead Farmers are currently Harvesting:

Tomatoes, Beans, Squash, Zucchini, Strawberries and Corn! Read More

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