Kitchen to Farm:

A Chef Field Trip to Homestead

Posted on January 25, 2013 – Located HERE ©The Genuine Kitchen

The morning started like any field trip I’d ever been on, except that a few of our cars sat waiting in place of a school bus, and instead of a late student holding up the rest of my class, it was a chef stuck in traffic. But that electricity was there, the groggy, early morning low hum of excitement. The gears turning in all of our heads about spending the day in a new environment that we’ve have wondered about, but never seen or experienced. That buzz was as tangible as the broken bits of treats pastry chef Amy had set out for us. And finally so was the chef, so we headed south.


“You’re not going to believe this road,” forager Chris Padin said to me as we turned off of a paved road and onto a half-paved road, “this is where I pick up the eggs.” I laughed at the irony as we bounced along and imagined how much more bumpy it’d be in the work van with even less suspension. “First time I came here I thought it was a joke,” he smiled, but I’ve been eating in Genuineland long enough to know that those PNS Farm eggs are no joke.


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